Tips and tricksΒΆ

Standalone Python+PyGTK for MS Windows: If you have developed your PyGTK application and you are thinking to port it to Windows this is what you may be looking for. This is just a zip file containing the whole Python distribution compiled for Windows. PyGTK, Pygtksourceview2, Py2exe and the Glade interface designer are all included. You can just unzip the file, execute the included binary file python.exe and "import gtk". The python distribution does not need to be installed: it is portable. I included a small executable called launcher.exe which uses Python to execute the script in the directory portable-pygtk\pyapp\ Replace the latter with the main python source file of your PyGTK application and you’ll have an easily-distributable port of your PyGTK application for MS Windows. I worked on this solution, to simplify the release of Boxer the Box graphical user interface. In particular, I was quite annoyed by the behaviour of Py2exe (the redirection of stdin, stdout, etc) and wanted to find a way around it.

Getting the global index into Sphinx in the single-html page mode: how to induce the Sphinx documentation system to generate the table of contents (index) in the single file HTML mode.

Installing Python from sources on Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10: this is what you may be looking for if you realised that the Python sources you compiled did fail to build the zlib module.