A list of some projects I have been working on during my spare time. The most recent project comes first.

Immagine: image browser and viewer

A simple image viewer with focus on image browsing. It uses all the screen space for the thumbnails by resizing them appropriately. It also creates thumbnails for directories by choosing some representative images. This is under development here.

Pyrtist: draw with Python

An IDE which enables using Python scripts to draw 2D pictures. This project started as a port of Boxer (see below) to Python. Basically this is the Box GUI where the underlying language used for drawing is Python rather than Box. This is hosted here.

Box and Boxer

Box is an object oriented statically typed programming language specialised in the creation of vector graphics. Box comes with a graphical user interface, Boxer, (GUI) which simplifies the creation of figures, allowing the user to see the result of the program that is being written. The user can also interact with the figure, using “reference points”, points which can be moved with the mouse and appear in the program as normal Point variables. Box can be installed on Linux from source and third parties have made it available for a number of distributions: Arch Linux, Fink (Mac OS), FreshPorts (FreeBSD). Box has also been ported to MS Windows. Click here to see the Box webpage. Sources and binaries can be dowloaded by clicking here. I am currently keeping notes about the development of the project.

Doxygen usage example (for C)

An example C header showing how to use Doxygen: this file can be used as a quick reference when documenting C code with Doxygen.